Dive (2020)

The Belle Weather

On April 20th, 2010 the offshore oil rig "Deepwater Horizon" exploded and became uncoupled beneath the ocean's surface. The tragedy took eleven human lives and claimed the lives of untold thousands of birds, fish, and wetland mammals. The well was finally capped on September 19th, 2010 - and in those five months an estimated five million barrels of oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico. The event is considered one of the greatest environmental disasters in United States history.

I wrote "Dive" in the wake of this tragic event. I woke up the following morning and watched the underwater camera detail the billowing plume of oil gushing from the well. I also came across a photograph of an incredible Louisiana Brown Pelican standing tall in the surf, drenched in oil. She peered back into the lens of the camera as if to say, "You have to do better than this for us." I wrote "Dive" as a love song from that pelican to an ocean who is no longer the lover she used to be. -eric cox // The Belle Weather
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  1. Dive (2020)






The Belle Weather is a hurricane.


We are the heavy, rhythmic storm of an acoustic guitar, the deep pulse of an upright bass, and the soaring elegance of cello, violin, and voice.  We are the eye of the storm and the damage done - equal parts modern folk and indie rock - a fusion of inspired anthems and the art of simple storytelling.

Over the years, we've taken a great many influences and blended them into a sound that is uniquely our own.  We've built a reputation by approaching every stage we can find with a rare combination of gritty, sweat-drenched energy and honest, heart-felt sonic grace.  We love doing what we do, and feel very fortunate to have a fan base that is as musically adventurous as we've always tried to be.

Thank you for visiting our site!  We invite you to give us a listen, and promise to give you everything we've got.  

Eric Cox ~ Vox / Guitar

Tom Abromaitis - Upright Bass

Thea Vorass - Cello

Marisa Sheppard - Violin