Big Shows Coming Up!!!

To celebrate, we're giving away FREE downloads of our latest release - "Suitcase" - on our BandCamp site.  Just visit:
and select "Buy Now" under "Digital Album."  Enter $0.00 for the price, and claim your free, HD digital download.  
Enjoy the music! We hope to see you out there on the road!!!  

~eric & tom

Friday, April 22nd - Paradigm - Sheboygan, WI  w/ Ricky Ganiere and Jeffrey Miller

Saturday, April 23rd - New Moon Cafe - Oshkosh, WI

Friday, April 29th - Transistor - Chicago, IL  w/ Girl Named Nino

Saturday, April 30th - Var Gallery - Milwaukee, WI  w/ Listening Party and Ricky Ganiere

Friday, May 6th - Outer Edge Stage - Appleton, WI  w/ Listening Party and Ricky Ganiere


The Belle Weather is a hurricane.

We are acoustic guitars, stories, and melody.  We are the resonant, pounding beat of a kick drum, the deep pulse of a bass guitar, and the siren's wail of an over-driven tube amp.  We are open fields and skyscrapers - equal parts modern folk and indie rock - a fusion of inspired anthems and the art of simple storytelling.

Over the years, we've taken a great many influences and blended them into a sound that is uniquely our own.  We've built a reputation by approaching every stage we can find with a rare combination of gritty, sweat-drenched energy and honest, heart-felt sonic grace.  We love doing what we do, and feel very fortunate to have a fan base that is as musically adventurous as we've always tried to be.

Thank you for visiting our site!  We invite you to give us a listen, and promise to give you everything we've got.  

Eric Cox ~ Vox, Guitar, Ukulele
Tom Abromaitis ~ Bass